The End of the Beginning (for Eye Cubed U)

16 01 2014

And the Beginning of a New Journey!  Join me….


How Effective Is Your Corporate Social Media Strategy?

29 10 2013

Where do you fit on the social media continuum?  Many folks have some friends on Facebook (1.1 billion users), an incomplete profile on LinkedIn (240 million users), a bunch of views on Youtube (1 billion unique users/month) and that is about it.  While many folks don’t tweet (555 million users) regularly, ALL of us have purchased a ton of things online.  Fewer of us write checks than ever before and many use our “phone” to transact financial business and get answers to a myriad of questions.  Regardless of where you are personally on social media and how you measure your activity today compared to five years ago, your findings will be not be shocking.  We have all made individual moves forward.  So what about your corporate plan?  What moves has your Eye Cubed organization made or is preparing to make?


My company, PFP, started our LinkedIn Group “Where Your Credit Union Goes To Grow” in March, 2013 and the group consistently grows each month.  When you search Groups in LinkedIn under “Credit Union”, we are currently ranked #28!  That is a good start to a very robust plan.   Our purpose is to become national thought leaders and value generators for the credit union industry.  We are definitely on the best platform.  Nothing compares to LinkedIn to achieve the goal of B to B networking.

You cannot prove you can swim when you only have your foot in the water!

We have only just begun.  It is fair to say that our initial foray into social media has merely taken us out of the gate and represents a small fraction of our overall strategy.  When you combine our B to B and B to C strategies, we will be managing ten social media pages via five platforms in 2014.  We have a ton of work to do to build our community and provide meaningful value.

This aint no “Field Of Dreams”…. For everyone to come, we have to do more than just “Build it”!

There are three core competencies needed to have a successful social media game plan:

  • Content Acquisition
  • Marketing/ Dissemination
  • Community Acquisition

Most organizations are unwilling to excel at all three consistently over a long period of time.  If one of the above is ignored, the overall initiative will be off balance and will miss the mark.

  • It takes time to provide meaningful content.
  • It requires work to develop original thought.
  • It takes diligence to demonstrate effective distribution.
  • It takes effort to build a growing network.

You need “numbers” to play the numbers game!        

We need to get comfortable with the fact that “small” percentages of our network will see our efforts and a “smaller” percentage will act on it.  The good news is that those numbers are relative and become “big” when our social media community is “big”.  Like any marketing and sales strategy, metrics drive our activity.  As we develop a track record of actions and measurable results, we will improve the top line and bottom line by focusing on the activities that drive our metrics beyond our targets.

We are building an asset, not buying a lottery ticket.  Eye Cubed companies invest the time necessary to build by executing a sound strategy.  While social media is not a new concept to anyone, for most companies, infusing an effective plan into the culture is pure innovation and fits neatly into the Eye Cubed philosophies presented in the prior posts.

Eye-Cubed leaders need:

  • Vision to feel the Inspiration
  • Vision to see the Innovation
  • Vision to execute the Implementation

Why You Should Act (in social media) Like The Top 0.5%?

9 07 2013

Since Sept 6, 2012, I have been a fully engaged power user in LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress.  Having posted hundreds of updates on LinkedIn, tweeted 1500+ tweets and written 53 blog posts, I was asked two questions last night:


  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. Are you getting anything out of your efforts?

I knew I had his attention for about 15 seconds yet my answer was much longer than that.  As a point of reference, out of the five men sitting around the small table having a discussion, three of them read my work regularly.  That’s 60%!  (including me….see how numbers can play tricks on perception?)  I started to answer him but tailed off as he drifted to another conversation.  So I challenged myself to introduce the question and answer it over the next 325 words. (I try to keep my posts below 500 words…now I only have 297 words left). 

Why am I doing this? (And why you should be inspired to do it as well)

  • Thought Leader:

I want to be more than a legend in my own mind!  I need credibility.  My consistent presence and quality content will do just that.  If it is truly “good stuff” (you will be the judge of that), I will be looked at as the thought leader I wish to become.

  •  Value Generator to enhance my company’s image to clients and prospects:

We are reminded constantly that without value, we have no chance for business continuity.  CEOs and “C” level executives want to be engaged and I refuse to be considered a “vendor” to our client-partners.  Intellectual discussions about business challenges (coupled with solutions) bring the value for which I envision.  My presence on the web addressing critical Eye-Cubed issues reinforces the value added.

  • I’m more than an “owner”or SVP of PFP:

I have had a plethora of experiences since 1996.  However, keeping the lessons within my company limits the audience.  Others can gain perspective from my path.   Through speaking, writing and consulting, I can build my impact and influence. 

Am I getting results? (What is in it for you too?)

  • Thought Leader:

New opportunities have been uncovered as my reputation builds. 

  1. Radio Interview on implementing change. 
  2. Corporate Briefing interview on Collaboration with a strategic partner. 
  3. Speaking engagements to industry leaders on succession, growth and innovation
  • Value Generator:

At a high level meeting with one of our top three clients, a senior executive introduced herself to me and said: “Yes, we have connected on LinkedIn.  I read your blog.  It is good.  I get a lot of stuff thrown my way but I like your work.  I read it.”  We then talked about strategy and the future.  They wanted to know how PFP can help them reach their goals as an organization.

I went into this project with a long-term view and did not expect to have such measurable results so soon.  Businesses are evolving and the Eye-Cubed leadership needed to excel could not be more pronounced.  With the goal of continuing to add value every day, Eye push forward!  The results speak for themselves.

Invaluable Perspectives from Keynote Interview of David J. Sussman, Esq. CLU

22 01 2013

Do not miss Ronald Allen’s live keynote interview of David Susman, Esq. CLU, SVP of PFP and President of Eye-Cubed-U, LLC

Gain perspectives on:  Succession, Corporate Value, Leadership, Partnership, Change, Inspiration, Innovation, Family Businesses and more.  The President and innovator of Eye-Cubed-U, LLC shares his experiences and philosophies that spurred the formation of a new wave of corporate language and culture.

Click Here and listen live!  It really is a fantastic interview.  Thank you.

Tune In

Hear about these wonderful people:


  • The culture of the credit union industry
  • Selling to the credit union industry
  • Adding value to B to B clients
  • Innovating the Insurance Industry

Perspectives on how to become a:

  • Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Presenter
  • Thought Leader

Hear advice on:

Books mentioned in the interview:

Companies mentioned by David Sussman and Ronald Allen:

The 60 Days Following Inspiration. 8 Steps for Implementation.

6 11 2012

Motivating and inspiring are the backbone of a bazillion dollar industry targeting every businessman, athlete, family member and friend–yes, targeting each of us with a goal.   But creating reality out of the inspiration requires a commitment to take the first small step of the journey and continue along a steady path of implementation.   It will be surprising if you finish this post and say, “Wow, that is the first time I ever heard that!”  It is not rocket science or exclusive information.  Yet, the process of inspiring, motivating and successfully moving forward requires an honest look at where you are and where you want to go.

On Thursday Sept 6th, 2012, it seemed as if I was about to endure another presentation on social media with my Vistage group .  I had been to several in the past and understood the potential impact it could have on my business.  In fact, on my recommendation, my company is in the throws of implementing a comprehensive social media initiative.  I was not thrilled to sit through another talk on the same topic.  However, this presentation was different.   It spoke to me.  BANG!   It was inspiration hitting me right in the head!

Kevin Knebl said two things that stuck with me.

1.     You cannot fake it, you can only be yourself in social media, everyone else is already taken.

2.     You can move great distances by taking small steps every day over a long period of time.

First of all, I know myself.  I am a thought leader and value generator for businesses all over the world!  Unfortunately, until now, I have been leading thought and generating value alone in the middle of the desert.  I have been shouting by myself in the woods and sharing secrets by presenting while submerged in a pool under water.  Kevin Knebl gave me the tools, the forum, for me to emerge and become recognized as the person I am.  I now realized that social media gave me an ocean of opportunity to grow.

My goal became clear:  I will be recognized as a global thought leader and value generator for business and I will do it by engaging fully in social media.

Time to connect the inspiration with implementation.

To bring the Eye-Cubed philosophy into your life, connecting implementation with inspiration is a must.  It brings action to your talk and reality to your dreams.  The next time you are inspired, follow the eight steps to implement.

1.     Believe you can do it.  DONE.

2.     Formulate and write down your goal.  DONE (My ultimate goal is written in this post).

3.     Set a clear path for the first 60 days of your journey.  I will do everything Kevin Knebl said to do during his two-hour presentation at my Vistage meeting. Done.

4.     Understand the “why” behind the endeavor.  GOT IT (This is definitely a topic for another post)

5.     Place a priority on your daily objectives that outweighs all distractions.  Many distractions presented themselves during the first 60 days.  I found ways to stay on track without excuse.  I was faced with fatigue, business trips, hurricane Sandy and 6 days without power. “Life” was in front of me and it did not stop me from my 60 day goal.

6.     After 45 days, develop a plan and a goal for the next 60 days.  Having read Kevin Knebl’s book, The Social Media Sales Revolution, I plan on putting the remainder of his recommendations in place to enhance my position towards reaching my goal.

7.     Take one day at a time and 60 small steps to move towards your goal.  Done.

8.     Do not stop!  I won’t.

Attach an Eye-Cubed philosophy to your goals, commit to the process and watch it work—one small step at a time.

If you, your company, your industry conference or team is in need of the best keynote speaker, motivational management consultant, or inspirational presenter for your conference, strategic planning meeting or for professional development, click on these words and see how Eye-Cubed-U is prepared to help you.