Engage Eye-Cubed Speaker To Strategize For Success

1 01 2013

Join corporate business leaders across the globe in 2013 as we launch EYE-CUBED-U at conferences, meetings, consulting and strategic planning sessions on site or at your location.  When looking for a keynote speaker, a consultant or a speaker that will tackle your greatest strategic challenges, a corporate speaker to motivate and inspire your team, small groups as well as conference gatherings, let Eye-Cubed-U Founder and President David Sussman bring the corporate vision of inspiration-innovation-implementation directly to you!

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Throughout long term consulting relationships, keynote addresses or all-day strategic planning sessions, this face-to-face opportunity gives your team the tools necessary to excel in today’s challenging corporate environment.

Selecting the best keynote speaker is no longer a problem.  This  dynamic conference speaker specializes in innovative programs for strategic groups from 5 to 2,000 that are customized to the needs of your company and your industry.   Here is an overview of several EYE-CUBED-U topics:

  1. Evolution on the Fringe:  The process of transforming your company using the inspiration-innovation-implementation guidelines.
  2. Change and How to Pay for It:  Using the latest Corporate Strategic Planning methods.
  3. Teamwork:  Moving your Company or Family Business to the next generation incorporating Strategic Management and Succession Planning.
  4. Diversity of Personality:  Variety stirs your melting pot for success as diversity stimulates Corporate Innovation.
  5. Hydrology:  Analyzing your streams of income as a guide in developing your Corporate Strategy.
  6. How to avoid the Perfect Storm:  Does your corporate climate guarantee survival among Chaos, Uncertainty and/or Disaster? This up-to-the minute keynote address is a call to action for aggressive management teams.
  7. Pursuing Innovation:  Let Eye-Cubed Consultant and Motivational Speaker, David Sussman help you pinpoint who should lead and how to measure the results.
  8. Dendochronology:  Look to the trees when measuring your company’s innovative past and present.  This unique approach taps into the latest Strategic Management Methods.
  9. Inspiration:   David Sussman, world-class inspirational speaker and consultant unlocks the secrets of this critical topic….Inspiration—Where to get it, how to share it and what to do with it
  10. Innovators:  The curse, the cure and other challenges outlined and made real during this critical presentation by Corporate Speaker and Consultant, David Sussman.

Make 2013 the year to set your company apart from the competition.  Get the most from your Corporate Strategic Meeting Facilitator, Industry Conferences and Team Building Events by hiring the best speaker and consultant for Inspirational, Motivational and Strategic events—take advantage of the Eye-Cubed-U philosophy.   I look forward to discussing availability for your next corporate event or conference.

David J. Sussman, Esq. CLU

Founder and President, Eye-Cubed-U, LLC

Building the Vision for Inspiration. Innovation. Implementation.

Cell Phone:  203-247-2104:  Email:  dsussman@pfpservices.com