Sittin In My Room…

23 01 2014


Sittin in my room got an inspiration

No one ever did it.  Its an innovation

How we gonna do it? Thats implementation.

Tellin you about it thats my motivation!


365 plus makin it real

Once a week wrtiting all about the deal

Never hit my mojo couldn’t get the feel

Started with a temper took the time to heal.


Then it popped off

Not a knock off

Blow the roof off

Time to show off

Its a stand off

Or a face off

Not a Madeoff

Wasnt paid off


But I know that when I speak or take it slow

I get lost, it aint me…you would never know

If I dont bring it strong the chance would blow


So Yo go!

Get your Mo Jo!

Let the words flow

From the front row!




Sittin in my room got an inspiration

No one ever did it.  Its an innovation

How we gonna do it? Thats implementation

Tellin you about it thats my motivation!




The End of the Beginning (for Eye Cubed U)

16 01 2014

And the Beginning of a New Journey!  Join me….

How Effective Is Your Corporate Social Media Strategy?

29 10 2013

Where do you fit on the social media continuum?  Many folks have some friends on Facebook (1.1 billion users), an incomplete profile on LinkedIn (240 million users), a bunch of views on Youtube (1 billion unique users/month) and that is about it.  While many folks don’t tweet (555 million users) regularly, ALL of us have purchased a ton of things online.  Fewer of us write checks than ever before and many use our “phone” to transact financial business and get answers to a myriad of questions.  Regardless of where you are personally on social media and how you measure your activity today compared to five years ago, your findings will be not be shocking.  We have all made individual moves forward.  So what about your corporate plan?  What moves has your Eye Cubed organization made or is preparing to make?


My company, PFP, started our LinkedIn Group “Where Your Credit Union Goes To Grow” in March, 2013 and the group consistently grows each month.  When you search Groups in LinkedIn under “Credit Union”, we are currently ranked #28!  That is a good start to a very robust plan.   Our purpose is to become national thought leaders and value generators for the credit union industry.  We are definitely on the best platform.  Nothing compares to LinkedIn to achieve the goal of B to B networking.

You cannot prove you can swim when you only have your foot in the water!

We have only just begun.  It is fair to say that our initial foray into social media has merely taken us out of the gate and represents a small fraction of our overall strategy.  When you combine our B to B and B to C strategies, we will be managing ten social media pages via five platforms in 2014.  We have a ton of work to do to build our community and provide meaningful value.

This aint no “Field Of Dreams”…. For everyone to come, we have to do more than just “Build it”!

There are three core competencies needed to have a successful social media game plan:

  • Content Acquisition
  • Marketing/ Dissemination
  • Community Acquisition

Most organizations are unwilling to excel at all three consistently over a long period of time.  If one of the above is ignored, the overall initiative will be off balance and will miss the mark.

  • It takes time to provide meaningful content.
  • It requires work to develop original thought.
  • It takes diligence to demonstrate effective distribution.
  • It takes effort to build a growing network.

You need “numbers” to play the numbers game!        

We need to get comfortable with the fact that “small” percentages of our network will see our efforts and a “smaller” percentage will act on it.  The good news is that those numbers are relative and become “big” when our social media community is “big”.  Like any marketing and sales strategy, metrics drive our activity.  As we develop a track record of actions and measurable results, we will improve the top line and bottom line by focusing on the activities that drive our metrics beyond our targets.

We are building an asset, not buying a lottery ticket.  Eye Cubed companies invest the time necessary to build by executing a sound strategy.  While social media is not a new concept to anyone, for most companies, infusing an effective plan into the culture is pure innovation and fits neatly into the Eye Cubed philosophies presented in the prior posts.

Eye-Cubed leaders need:

  • Vision to feel the Inspiration
  • Vision to see the Innovation
  • Vision to execute the Implementation

Take It To The Limit! – A Plan for Successful Implementation

9 10 2013

When a man sat next to me at the bar of an airport restaurant for dinner on October 6th, I did not think much of it.  He looked a bit familiar so I smiled at him and wished him a good day (something I try to do with everyone I connect with).  Within a few minutes, I realized I was sitting next to the legendary “Mr. October” himself, Reggie Jackson, the Hall of Fame New York Yankee!  We spoke for an hour, mostly about life’s challenges and a touch about baseball.  He is a legend who knew more than most how to ….TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT!


Now, you might ask:  “What does that have to do with IMPLEMENTATION?”  Actually, it has everything to do with implementation.   As an Eye-Cubed executive initiating any implementation process, you must approach every day like Reggie approached the game of baseball.  You must be determined to succeed, ready for the hard work and committed to…TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT!

We all know that ideas are a dime a dozen.   But we have used the Eye-Cubed strategy detailed in “You Don’t Need A Plumber, You Need A Process” to evaluate our innovative choices and we are confident that we have decided on the BEST innovation to pursue.   Now the work begins.

Design your roadmap using the following steps:

  1.  Determine the resources needed to reach your goal.   These include   human resources, financial capacity and a realistic time line.
  2. Stay focused on the goal and specifically identify the steps needed to stay on track.
  3. Take those steps, one at a time, until your ultimate goal has been achieved.

OK, so we’ve designed a plan in the ‘optimum’ world.   Now let’s get real.   And that means being flexible.  Being flexible does not mean straying from the goal.   Being flexible means that at each of the intersections on the map, choices might have to be made as situations change.   You will have to keep a pulse on the climate and be ready to make personnel changes, dig deeper into your financial resources and even stretch the time frame.    Being willing to evaluate as you drive the project to its successful destination requires a focused Eye-Cubed leader, a leader ready, willing and able to remain confident, evaluate, adjust the course and build upon the strength of the team by the constant example of the willingness to personally….TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT!

Something very interesting is bound to happen if you continue to demonstrate this confident attitude.  You will find that it is contagious and grows in power and density like a snowball rolling down a mountain.  The force of this synergy is unstoppable and in true Eye-Cubed fashion, you will sustain the support and energy needed to lead your team to success.

Stop for a minute now and imagine Reggie Jackson approaching the plate in the World Series with baseball history on the line.  Wait for your pitch and swing for the fences!  Perform as he did and firmly fix yourself to the vision of your goal.  Call upon THE TWO MOST POWERFUL TEAMMATES you can imagine—PATIENCE and POWER.   By combining them with a firm focus you will….


Put Your Business On The Eye-Cubed Super Highway.

21 08 2013

It’s no coincidence that super highways have many lanes allowing you and others to reach your destination simultaneously and in a timely fashion.   They facilitate the movement of millions rather than hundreds or thousands and allow for an efficient and effective commute.  You have few options since taking a back road hoping for the same speed and efficiency as the highway will bring you unacceptable results.

Super Highway


“The growth, evolution and sustainability of our businesses are limited only by our ability to create multiple ‘lanes’ over which to traverse.”


If you are the only individual in your organization capable of implementing an initiative or innovative idea, you will be limited to your skill level and the amount of output you can deliver on your own.  However, as you successfully develop leaders within your operation, and focus on the skills and experiences needed to implement high-level projects and/or initiatives, you will broaden your base of Eye-Cubed leaders within your midst.  Your corporate GPS will then rout your company onto the Eye-Cubed Super Highway.  As a result, you and your organization will be blessed with the ability to simultaneously move multiple key strategies forward successfully.


  • Avoid Too Much Too Soon: Take it slow and allow your “high potential” teammate to learn with small projects.  Their success gives you the confidence to put more on their plates.
  • Give Responsibility to 30 Year Olds:  Some of the greatest entrepreneurs (including Stanley Sussman, the entrepreneur who founded my company) built their businesses on the backs of 30-year olds.  Make sure the future is secure with the leadership that will bring your organization through the next generation.
  • Encourage Mentors To Emerge:  No man/woman is an island.  Mentors and coaches are invaluable in helping guide emerging as well as seasoned executives through the toughest moments.  We all need appropriate encouragement and guidance to build leadership skills.
  • Allow Education via Mistakes:  Set appropriate expectations along with an environment that eliminates the fear of failure.  We all have made mistakes.  Make sure the lessons are clear and everyone moves forward to becomes better Eye-Cubed Leaders.
  • Encourage Diversity Of Personality (See my post on this topic):  If you fill the executive table with like-minded leaders, you will limit your exposure to new ideas, different schools of thought and key perspectives.  Varied projects demand varied personalities.  Thus, your overall corporate success requires the necessary tolerance to appreciate diverse styles of excellence.

A one-man-show can only do so much.  Unfortunately, in addition, the pressure on that one thing is understandably multiplied and becomes intolerable.  Furthermore, it is difficult to prioritize all of your companies  opportunities down to a singular focus.  The opportunity cost associated with time is simply too great.

In contrast, imagine pursuing multiple unique initiatives simultaneously lead by different key executives that target:

  1. Sales Operations
  2. Social Media
  3. Collections/Payments
  4. Business Development/Acquisition
  5. New Channels of Business
  6. Innovations through technology

When your company is traveling down a multi-lane super highway with the requisite Eye-Cubed Leadership poised and ready to deliver results,  your company will enjoy an easy commute from today into tomorrow.

Innovation “SCREWED” The Wine Industry! What will it do to yours?

14 08 2013


The sun sets on a warm summer evening.  You slide the chilled bottle of Kim Crawford Souvignon Blanc out of the ice bucket.  The sound of the bottle against the ice and the water dripping from its sides fills your ears. With towel in hand, you wipe the excess condensation away, creating the most perfect, romantic moment.  And now for the big finish!  You lift the corkscrew and raise it to the mouth of the bottle.  You crave that sound of the initial release as the cork breaks free and offers you the delicious, crisp liquid within.

“WHAT?  NO CORK?  A SCREW CAP?  YIKES!  My moment is ruined.”

No way!  In fact, you are on your way to an incredible evening. What just happened?

You experienced innovation within the wine industry, a process that took 45 years to evolve.  The Stelvin Screw Cap, by Amcor,  was developed in the late 1960’s yet had not penetrated the wine industry until recently.  In fact, the adoption rate in New Zealand was at a mere 1% in 2001.  By 2004, 70% of the wine out of this area was sealed with the Stelvin Screw Cap.

There were two issues.

  1. There were practical issues regarding quality control and the impact screw caps have on the product.
  2. There were damaging consumer perceptions of screw caps and the negative impact they have on the experiential value of wine.


All concerns posed are real.  In order to move the innovation forward, testing must take place.  The supporters and detractors of the innovation must clear the air with regard to the facts.  In the end, if there remain concerns (real or perceived), those can be addressed and debated.  The less impact the innovation has on the original quality, the more likely it will be adopted.  Furthermore, there are many instances when the innovation improves the original quality of a product or process.  These facts must be explored and communicated throughout the industry.


What does the consumer think about the innovation?  Unfortunately, the answer to this question guides the impact the innovation will have on changing the industry.  Without consumer adoption, the market needs may be significantly limited.  The innovation may need a PR machine with the “right” supporters publicly pushing adoption.  Educating the public is also a strategic initiative.  By creating a wave of positive perception, the wave of demand will follow.  Breaking the perception barrier, if it is a factor, is clearly the key to success.

Eye-Cubed lessons abound within this story.

  • The atmosphere was ripe for inspiration
  • The industry had matured enough to be inspired for a change.
  • The issues “for” or “against” the innovation were addressed.
  • The plan to break the perception barrier was implemented.

Never pick a grape prematurely.  Never serve wine before its time.  And never underestimate the determination of an Eye-Cubed leader who has been inspired to innovate and brave enough to implement.

MARKET WATCH! The Best Investment Tip Available Today!

7 08 2013

Invest Short Term and Long Term In The Company of U!

Investment Tip

With all the external pressures grabbing at our time, it is never surprising that we neglect to invest time in ourselves.   I am not referring to meaningless ‘time’ that ultimately will be considered wasted.  I am specifically referring to intentionally maximizing the time you have to grow your most important asset, the asset you are 100% responsible for, The Company of U!

In the same fashion that we approach the challenges facing our industries and business, we need to relentlessly pursue personal change to overcome the struggles, challenges and issues specific to our own progress.   The commitment to The Company of U will reap the highest return.

  • Keep Investing in R&D

Never Stop Learning.  Challenge yourself with new courses and new skills.   Go out of the box.

  • Live Your Brand

Be true to yourself.   Live up to the reputation you have given yourself and do so throughout your day, every day.   Hold yourself accountable and recognize when you need to refocus and adjust.

  • Analyze Your Streams of Income

Manage your finances carefully and continually ask yourself:   “Am I satisfied with my balance sheet?”   Review revenue streams and expenses to keep The Company of U on solid ground.

  • Keep the President of U Healthy

When it comes to health, you can only control the things you can control.   And, the list includes eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising and getting checked-out!  The list might seem overpowering but Healthy Presidents need power.

  • Improve Communication

Miscommunications and misunderstandings cause stress.   Hone your skills.Think about what to say and how to say it to get the results you want.  Take responsibility for your words.

  • Enhance Collaboration

You can exponentially increase the value of The Company of U by developing a strong, dedicated team.  Create a positive environment to foster this synergy.

  • Plan to be Inspired

Give yourself the time and space to be inspired/  Test a variety of meditation and relaxation methods to free your mind of the ‘must dos’ and tap into your creative energies.

  •  Implement Change to the Company of U

Like every company in operation, you too need to evolve to remain relevant.  It takes many small steps consistently placed to effect change and see the desired results.   Make the journey worth it.

  •  Appreciate Your Past and Understand Where You Came From

You have a history that shaped you into the person you are today.  The Company of U cannot move forward without the past as a foundation upon which to stand and build.   You have accomplished incredible things to get where you are.  There are people in your life who have helped you achieve.   You have overcome obstacles and reached goals.   Never forget that as you break new barriers and push for greatness, you are your biggest asset!

There are many advisors looking to help folks invest their money.   They look for companies that have strong foundations with the greatest likelihood for sustained growth.  The greatest investment strategy that an Eye-Cubed leader can follow is simple.  Invest short term and long term in The Company of U!