We have had many experiences throughout our lives.  As we reflect, one may wonder what experience was the most valuable?   My opinion is as follows:

No “one” experience can possibly stand alone as the most valuable.  We must look at the totality of our experiences to comprehend the true value of any one event.

Our lives and our businesses are made up of  the past, present and future.  My past has inspired me to innovate and evolve my organization.  Today, I am inspired to share the observations I have witnessed and theories I have formulated on personal, corporate and organizational innovation.

While no one has a crystal ball, I have a “unique” ability to see the future.

Your organization will survive as a result of the way it has evolved through innovation.  I hope to inspire you with this end in mind.

You will have more personal success in the future since you have executed consistent personal innovation.   I hope to inspire you to move down this path as well.

Like the organizations in which we run and work, and like the person we wish to become, this blog must evolve.   Please join me on my journey.  It is going to be amazing!


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