The End of the Beginning (for Eye Cubed U)

16 01 2014

And the Beginning of a New Journey!  Join me….




10 responses

16 01 2014
Laura Mulligan

What a great change! Seeing you and hearing your thoughts is very impactful. I look forward to your inspirational messages.

16 01 2014
Sharon L Thomas

I like this idea. Good luck and best wishes for the new venture.

16 01 2014

This is the perfect “next step”. You are the King of Implementation.

16 01 2014
David Sussman

Thank you all for your vote of confidence! It will be a ton of fun to do this.

Orbit Illustration

David J. Sussman, Esq, CLU

Tel: 203-247-2104



16 01 2014
Mark Sessel

I’m ready to join the innovation ride! Looking forward the the new Eye Cubed U. Videoooooooo!

17 01 2014
Trevor Caplan

If you are not moving forward but choose to stand still, you are moving backwards after all.

17 01 2014
Jim Ahrens

…and who reads anymore, with the exception of text messages. Reading is so 2013.

17 01 2014
David Sussman

Jim, it’s hard to keep up with technology and staying updated with the best delivery method. V I D E O

17 01 2014
James Kerwin

Been a pleasure following the written words of inspiration. Looking forward to the next phase and video!

17 01 2014
David Sussman

Thanks James! It’s a responsibility I welcome. Stay tuned…

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