The Innovation Safari: Hunt For ‘Big Game’ In Your Company!

18 09 2013

safari hunt

While tracking and hunting “wild game” is not for everyone, hunting down innovative solutions for one’s company is always considered a worthy pursuit.  One would never wander aimlessly around the back-country hoping to bump into one’s prize.  In the same respect, one would never target a random innovation as the next great strategic initiative for one’s company. Take a lesson from the Eye-Cubed hunters in pursuit of corporate greatness and maintain the position as “the hunter” rather than eventually becoming “the hunted.”

The hallways of your company set the path to follow and explore.  As you traverse the dangerous terrain in complete stealth mode, you must make your first strategic decision.  Should you slink through the caverns of operations looking for innovative efficiencies or brave the open plains of sales in search of innovative products or delivery methods?  There is no “wrong” move here since with the assistance of Eye-Cubed strategies, the “prize” awaits you in either environment.

Look closely and listen carefully.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  The opportunities lie camouflaged, lying in wait wherever the bottlenecks find themselves.  You can also focus within the mundane and senseless processes.  It is within those scenarios where the innovation opportunities infest the organization.  You can root them out from multiple sources if you wish.

In addition, when you make your way across the plentiful hunting ground, spend some time forging the many streams that abound.  Each stream (of income) has a flow all of its own.  Like a native tracker who knows the signs of his prey, so too does the hunter who analyzes the streams of income that flow through your company. Is the flow weak? Are the waters deep?  Is the river wide?  And most importantly, are there hidden streams yet uncovered that need excavation? Those new streams must be discovered and included within the Game Preserve. New waters are the lifeblood for current and future nourishment.

Once you’ve spotted the innovation which you desire to pursue, you need a plan so you can sneak up on the prize and launch an attack without spooking the elusive animal.  I suggest spending the time needed to gain the buy-in from the other hunters on your expedition.  It is unlikely that you will be successful seizing your prey on your own.  Together with your team, orchestrate your plan with the precision of a champion.  Remember that implementing the plan is as important as building the plan.  By drawing on the expertise of your team members, you will increase your chances of success.

One of the greatest pieces of advice for all hunters and teams is to avoid the pursuit while maintaining a feeling of desperation.  Give your team ample time to reach your goal and bag your big game.  Be prepared that your initial plan may be incomplete or totally ineffective. In many cases, you will need to revise your initial strategy or go back to the drawing board and devise an entirely new plan.

Think of the Eye-Cubed Innovation Safari like Teddy Roosevelt thought of his hunting prowess when he stated:

“No, I’m not a good shot, but I shoot often.”




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