Put Your Business On The Eye-Cubed Super Highway.

21 08 2013

It’s no coincidence that super highways have many lanes allowing you and others to reach your destination simultaneously and in a timely fashion.   They facilitate the movement of millions rather than hundreds or thousands and allow for an efficient and effective commute.  You have few options since taking a back road hoping for the same speed and efficiency as the highway will bring you unacceptable results.

Super Highway


“The growth, evolution and sustainability of our businesses are limited only by our ability to create multiple ‘lanes’ over which to traverse.”


If you are the only individual in your organization capable of implementing an initiative or innovative idea, you will be limited to your skill level and the amount of output you can deliver on your own.  However, as you successfully develop leaders within your operation, and focus on the skills and experiences needed to implement high-level projects and/or initiatives, you will broaden your base of Eye-Cubed leaders within your midst.  Your corporate GPS will then rout your company onto the Eye-Cubed Super Highway.  As a result, you and your organization will be blessed with the ability to simultaneously move multiple key strategies forward successfully.


  • Avoid Too Much Too Soon: Take it slow and allow your “high potential” teammate to learn with small projects.  Their success gives you the confidence to put more on their plates.
  • Give Responsibility to 30 Year Olds:  Some of the greatest entrepreneurs (including Stanley Sussman, the entrepreneur who founded my company) built their businesses on the backs of 30-year olds.  Make sure the future is secure with the leadership that will bring your organization through the next generation.
  • Encourage Mentors To Emerge:  No man/woman is an island.  Mentors and coaches are invaluable in helping guide emerging as well as seasoned executives through the toughest moments.  We all need appropriate encouragement and guidance to build leadership skills.
  • Allow Education via Mistakes:  Set appropriate expectations along with an environment that eliminates the fear of failure.  We all have made mistakes.  Make sure the lessons are clear and everyone moves forward to becomes better Eye-Cubed Leaders.
  • Encourage Diversity Of Personality (See my post on this topic):  If you fill the executive table with like-minded leaders, you will limit your exposure to new ideas, different schools of thought and key perspectives.  Varied projects demand varied personalities.  Thus, your overall corporate success requires the necessary tolerance to appreciate diverse styles of excellence.

A one-man-show can only do so much.  Unfortunately, in addition, the pressure on that one thing is understandably multiplied and becomes intolerable.  Furthermore, it is difficult to prioritize all of your companies  opportunities down to a singular focus.  The opportunity cost associated with time is simply too great.

In contrast, imagine pursuing multiple unique initiatives simultaneously lead by different key executives that target:

  1. Sales Operations
  2. Social Media
  3. Collections/Payments
  4. Business Development/Acquisition
  5. New Channels of Business
  6. Innovations through technology

When your company is traveling down a multi-lane super highway with the requisite Eye-Cubed Leadership poised and ready to deliver results,  your company will enjoy an easy commute from today into tomorrow.




2 responses

22 08 2013

This thinking is right on! Spending time teaching people to fish is much more valuable than doing all the fishing yourself. When you provide the opportunity, circumstances and guidance, people will inately rise to the challenge. This puts your organization in an excellent position. (PS. I wish I was 30!)

23 08 2013
Harold Holmes

I Like the Super Highway Analogy of moving your company in Multiple Lanes in order to take it to the next level. All of the above ingredients are necessary to reach that Destination.

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