Collaborate to be Great, Work With Me Here! PART I

26 06 2013

Collaboration concept in word tag cloud

Take a look in any business plan.  Dust off every strategic initiative and flip though the pages.  Ask any retired business owner of a successful organization about the secret of his/her success.  You will probably not see the word or hear it spoken.  However, without it, every plan will fail, every strategy will come up short and every business will stumble to succeed.


For the past several months, I have been wrestling with the concepts surrounding collaboration and how it fits into Eye-Cubed U.  While it has been the mantra of 2013 among the leaders I work with, it has not come without some frustration.  I have been struggling with the practical application of “collaboration” and how it balances with strong leadership and innovative influence.  And now, after an interview with one of our strategic partners (NWN Corp) about the very sopic of collaboration, I am prepared to write the Eye-Cubed philosophy surrounding this key concept.

Complete this six week  Eye-Cubed U course (one post each of the next 6 weeks) on Collaboration 2013 as we explore how it impacts itself within our companies.  Gain insight in:

Collaboration with Inspirations

  • How do you work with others to ignite the inspirational spark inside the Eye-Cubed U leader?

Collaboration with Innovations

  • How can the innovator bring key leaders into the process of innovation to facilitate corporate evolution?

Collaboration with Implementations

  • Find ways to experience the joint effort of leaders crossing department lines as initiatives and strategies are executed brilliantly.

Collaboration within Operations

  • How do we work together to bring efficiencies and improvements to our existing processes?

Collaboration with IT

  • As the common denominator of all innovations, initiatives, strategies and projects, develop and maintain a strategy that connects the IT language and thought process to the entire organization’s directions and goals.

Collaboration within your Family Business

  • Learn how business ownership requires collaboration to evolve, grow and more importantly (to me as a second-generation owner) to insure continuity and succession.

With each area of interest, we will uncover the key requirements that must be in place to have effective collaboration.  Along with the roadmap towards achieving our collaborative goals, we will identify the greatest obstacles we face along the way.

We will find that collaboration is not a light switch that can be turned on and off.  It is a mindset that takes practice to develop and discipline to maintain.  The concept has been presented, stated and overstated to the point where our leaders have become immune to its complexity and need for urgency of execution.





3 responses

28 06 2013
Laura Mulligan

All of this is so true. When everyone brings their all to the table we all win!

28 06 2013
Daniil Krapman

” It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

This is definitely one of the most important key aspects in any business to achieve ultimate success. Collaboration has to start at the top. Company culture is not set by words, but by the actions of the founder. That means treating everyone with respect, and providing regular constructive feedback. Collaboration cannot be deployed; it must be embraced. Executives and managers must be willing participants, modeling collaborative behavior and embracing the technology tools, not just taskmasters. All team members must be committed. Good ideas come from anywhere, so the more voices the better. These are critical in arriving at a clear idea of what is important, exploring what is possible based on constraints, and coordinating effective actions to produce successful outcomes.

Collaboration is the new imperative. In today’s highly competitive and unpredictable environment, it’s not enough to do one thing better than your competitors. You need to change your organization so that it can rapidly recognize and adapt to new opportunities and new threats.

I would like to also add that being new too and part of PFP (NY), I see the great potential combined with levels of expertise, and this company is always reaching to achieve success. By moving forward with PFP, I don’t see why this family based company (empire) will ever stop growing in the right direction.

Daniil Krapman
Sales Representative (PFP) NY

3 07 2013

Nice post David. Collaboration is often the critical difference but before it can happen everyone must be willing to compromise. If you can understand are and are aware of the needs of others on the team it will happen much more rapidly.

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