Teens Show Us How To Implement

20 06 2013

Today is the last day of the school year.  My sophomore daughter was up last night until 3:30 am completing an iMovie-project on the current state of racism in America.   The topic was challenging, the process so very 2013 and her commitment to the project was in true Eye-Cubed fashion.  She is an Eye-Cubed student with a vision for her assignment (Inspiration), intertwined production concepts with current technology (Innovation) and completed the project on time (Implementation).  By noon today her summer will begin.

Sydney faced this entire school year with the same Eye-Cubed technique.  She is one who super-challenges herself with high expectations.  Now, shouldn’t we all have high expectations for our goals?  Without an ounce of overconfidence, she believed in herself and her mantra of consistent effort.  She was able to see the finish line ten months ahead of her, and take the many steps towards it, one at a time, day after day.  Her vision, her mantra, is inspirational.

I watched her along the way.  And while she willingly (yet sometimes hesitantly) placed herself squarely outside of her comfort zone, she found humor and enjoyment along the way as she made a plan and followed it.  Although extremely difficult, especially for a teenager, Sydney rarely veered from her course and kept her commitment to hard work with consistent effort.  In spite of a challenging journey, she enjoyed the process.

Well before she receives her “grades”, she should know that she has achieved her goal.  The analysis is not in the letter, but rather in the story behind the effort.


It is a story of:

  • Planning
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Advocacy
  • New Experiences
  • Self- Confidence
  • Managing Frustration
  • Celebrating Personal Victories

This story has meaning for the Eye-Cubed leader of today.  Our careers and organizations present us with many of the same challenges facing our children as they navigate through the educational system.  We have choices to make, paths to follow, challenges to face and skills to learn.  We have disappointments to deal with and victories to celebrate.

What is the Eye-Cubed measurement of success?  Much like the educational system, the focus can be misplaced.  It is not in a title or a superficial “end game”.  Success is measured in effort along the way.  It comes from the ability to work the process to its fullest, and to follow the path consistently through inspiration, innovation and implementation.   It is by no means a destination but rather a journey.

Thank you for the lesson Sydney!  Enjoy the summer.




3 responses

20 06 2013
John Schmitt

Well said David

John Schmitt
PFP Services

20 06 2013

So often children do go through (some or all of) these step and are not even aware of it. I love how this story frames Sydney’s key steps to achievement.

24 06 2013
Harold Holmes

Hip…Hip…Horay for Sydney Seeing it through staying the course. Never giving up or Qiuting on the task, Goal, objective Period. Very timely to read as my Son this week Prepares himself to attend the TTE (Trail to Eagle) Camp for Boy Scouts. There is a Lot of Pre-Reg. work to with Reports on Community, National and international Issues, Family and Enviromental Science. Sydneys Hard work and Efforts i will share with him as he Strives to achieve these important objectives.

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