When Down To Your Final “Out”, Swing Like You Would In The First Inning!

9 04 2013

Innovating under pressure is harder than being randomly called out of the audience and asked to come on stage and “be funny”.  While anything is possible, it is unlikely that most folks can get it done.

Under Pressure

Preparation is the fuel for luck.  The same goes for innovation.  The more innovative your company is, the more innovations your company will uncover.  It is simple, Eye-Cubed companies succeed more often and sustain greatness for a longer period of time than those companies that reject the principles of inspiration, innovation and implementation.  Eye-Cubed qualities are not turned on or off.  They are infused in the fabric of the organization.  So once you have it, nurture it and develop it.  Give your team the greatest opportunity to widen, deepen and lengthen your streams of income.  More importantly, maintain the Eye-Cubed culture to find new streams of income.

But if your in the unfortunate position that you have one more shot at success and your next innovation either saves your company or you shut the doors, take a deep breath and stick to the Eye-Cubed plan.  While there is no doubt that your probability of success improves when you enter the process with positive energy, you cannot avoid the hurdles facing any of the innovations that came before yours and those that will come after.  There are no short cuts.

You need a great idea.  You need buy in.  You need to test, tweak and perfect.  You need to infuse it into your operations.  Time to read the posts in Eye-Cubed-U and hit that game winning home run, sink the final shot as time runs out, score the winning goal as time expires or chip in for an eagle on the 18th for the win.  It can be done.  It has been done.

Encourage inspiration.  Embrace innovation.  Execute Implementation.




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