Leadership, The Prerequisite of Inspiration

12 03 2013

What kind of leader are you?


When you are an Eye-Cubed leader, your attempts to inspire will be noticed.  Your words will be internalized and you will inspire movement and action.  Leadership moves perception from false preaching to truth, from irritating banter into music for their ears.  Fortunately, with real leadership, you will graduate from Eye-Cubed-U and will inspire all those around you.

Someone asked me:              How do you know if you are a leader?

For the answer, let us explore some Eye-Cubed-U vernacular describing two levels of leadership:

“Are you kidding me?” Leadership:              Leadership based solely on ones rank, designated title, organizational chart position or presumed status.

“You da man!/wo-man!” Leadership:             Leadership based on ones demonstrated action, personal characteristics, visible beliefs or undeniable skill.

Perhaps, like me, you are the second-generation owner of a family business and initially brought into the firm in a position of leadership.

Perhaps you have a friendship or family relationship with the supervisor, department manager or hiring manager and have been hired/promoted into a position of leadership.

Perhaps, like many sales managers, you were the top performing sales representative who was promoted to a position of leadership and now must manage former colleagues.

Perhaps, like many supervisors/managers of non-sales departments, longevity gave you the upper hand, thus affording you a position of leadership.

Perhaps you have graduated, earned a higher degree and have been hired into a position of leadership.

The aforementioned leadership positions give one the “Are you kidding me?” Leadership roles.  Your teams looked at you with raised eyebrows.  They spoke among themselves and with others about your lack of experience or demonstrated skill.  They watched you closely.  They looked for as many reasons to follow you as they did to reject you.  You were faced with the typical uphill battle to gain respect, goodwill and trust.  You needed to prove yourself and earn the leadership status you deserve.

However, you are an Eye-Cubed leader and place the greatest pressure on yourself to perform and grow. Your performance will move your status as an “Are you kidding me? Leader” to “You da man!/wo-man! Leader” for many reasons. You have integrity in your intentions and truth in your words.  You lead by example, are eager to roll up your sleeves and build a strong team of high performers. You will do anything for your team to help them reach their potential.  Your deep personal understanding of others creates a bond between you and your department.  You have the confidence in yourself to develop the leadership skills in others and promote them within your group and company.  You are “da wo-man” and are profoundly determined to build your leadership status.


When you develop the sought-after status as “You da man/wo-man” leadership, people want to follow you. They seek out your team and wish to join.  They love working on your team since you guide them to consistently produce at levels much higher than the expectations set by others.  They help each other succeed, excel as individuals and ultimately become the performing unit you desired and created.  Even more impressive, there will be folks who choose to follow you even though they do not have to.  You will reach the highest levels of leadership.

All Eye-Cubed Leaders are “You da man!/wo-man!” leaders.  It is a reputation difficult to earn and well worth the effort needed to acquire.  Now you are ready and willing and capable of inspiring your team.  However, your leadership goes beyond the workplace and so too does the network of individuals in which you infuse inspiration.  In my next post, let us explore the inspirational lifecycle as we strive to maximize our positive impact on others during our journey through life.




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