Find Your Inspiration, Spark Your Innovation

5 03 2013

It is lonely at the top

It is frustrating in the middle

It is tiring on the bottom


Regardless of where we are in our careers, we are often caught in the challenging cycle of focusing on things that seem “urgent” at the expense of those that are most “important”.  This reality prevents us from being inspired and innovative.  As Eye-Cubed leaders, what separates us from the rest is simple; we rise above the mundane and deliver more.  We get inspired, inspire others and uncover innovation along the way.  We inspire innovation that brings a powerful evolution to our companies allowing for sustained greatness over time.

There are many tasks in our day that are required.  And we must do them well if we plan on growing in our careers and giving our organizations the best chance to thrive.  Weather in the form of enduring meetings, extinguishing fires, performing tasks, managing issues or negotiating politics, we must do more for our teams and companies.

“The urgent items we face each day are like gas, if left unchecked, it will fill all available space, smother everyone and suck the life out of each of us as well as our companies.”

That is why we need to periodically extricate ourselves from this ever-present and required part of our day.  As difficult as it seems, we must create sacred space where we can obtain the upper hand on the work that is surrounding us and bring inspiration to our lives and innovation to our teams.

Here are some suggestions:

Formal Education:

There is nothing like it.  All degrees are worthy in some way of adding value to your life and skills that can be applied to your career.


Everything that you learn in a class as part of a degree is available to be taught in a book or found online.  You find tremendous sources of inspiration since you can pinpoint topics that interest you.  You do not need to be a voracious reader.  If you are consistent, you will be ahead of the pack.

Get a coach:

This investment is worth every penny.  A coach will help you through the tough times to find strategies that you may not have considered.  A good coach will help you find resources to get you started down a path at any time when needed.  A great coach will challenge you along the way when appropriate.  If you are a top executive and do not have a coach, you are leaving a critical resource on the table.

Form a personal board of directors:

You need a team of folks who you know, like and trust.  Moreover, you need a sounding board of people whose opinions you value.  This is more than a phone call once in a while or a quick story while out to dinner with spouses.  While your personal BOD does not need to meet as a formal group, you need to commit to meetings with each person once a quarter, twice a year or even once a year.  Have an agenda and make the meeting productive.

Join a peer/industry group:

Networking is one of the easiest methods of finding inspiration.  You will see how others work, what is going on in your industry and what the best practices are in your field.  By keeping your eyes open, you will notice that many have similar issues yet few find credible solutions.  If you can find solutions to problems, improvement to process or new concepts to innovate, your inspiration will be awakened.


Finding inspiration and innovation is the cornerstone for you to reach your goals.  It is neither a quick process nor an easy skill to develop.  Yet like any muscle, the time it takes to shape and build must be a priority.  With consistent effort and the commitment to make inspiration and innovation a necessity and part of our lifestyle, each of us can and will excel as Eye-Cubed-Leaders.




2 responses

5 03 2013
Valerie Coffin

Great message. The value of getting outside the daily routine can only be recognized by “doing it”.


5 03 2013
Nancy Sylvester

Love the idea of the personal board of directors as you sounding board.

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