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26 02 2013

Give yourself the personal strategic planning meeting you deserve!

Personal Plan pic

Where is the time to think about “me”?  Here is my schedule for a typical day last week:

4:45  Wake up….walk in circles and Work on social media plan

6:15  Make sure my daughter is awake and feed the dogs (that takes time)

7:00  Get ready to leave for work

7:45  Drive my son to school

8:00  Drive to the office

8:45  Daily responsibilities to run company

5:30  Leave for home

6:00  Check in with family – spin on bike

7:15  Family dinner (whenever possible)

8:00 Debrief, chill, do work online

9:00  Eyes begin to roll to the back of my head…

10:00  Fall asleep (30 seconds after I put my head on my pillow)….

Go ahead and move the times a bit.  Substitute “this” for “that”.  Regardless of what you do with your personal schedule on a particular day, I can guarantee one thing:

Your mornings, afternoons and evenings are full!

Everyone wants more time in the day.  However, what would you do with that time if you had it?  Would you sleep?  Would you read?  Would you spend more time with your family?  Would you work out more?  Would you make more plans with friends?

How many of you said….”I would spend more time thinking about me”?

Actually, how much time to you spend in a year thinking about yourself, planning, assessing, analyzing and setting a course towards your goals?

If you are anything like me, the answer is disturbing.  I squeeze these thoughts in between the craziness of my life, my day and while I am awake.  Frankly, if I were able to have a personal strategic planning meeting with myself while I was sleeping, that would be a great time-slot to work with.  But I am not talking about science fiction here.  I am talking about reality.

I heard a speaker present about developing a personal strategic plan as the outcome of a real process.  We can execute any “process” if we buy into it.  I have not done this yet.  However, I have been told that it is profound.  Here is my proposal:

Personal Plan Pic 2

You need two nights (three days)

You need to leave your home and go to a hotel, cabin or resort

You need to be prepared to “disconnect” for 48 hours.

You need complete buy-in from your family to do this before you leave.

When you arrive, your goal is to conduct a strategic planning meeting with yourself.

Give yourself the same treatment and attention that you give your businesses.

Analyze your past, your present and your future.

Write or type your findings and thoughts on each issue so you can refer to it throughout the year and as part of future personal strategic planning sessions.

Personal Strategic Plan Suggested Agenda Items:

Life Balance

Your Mind

Your Body

Your Career

Your Relationships

Your Finances

Motivation and Growth

Spiritual Status

Community Involvement

Open items…

Cabin pic

Begin the exercise with a “blank wall or canvas”.  By the end of your meeting with yourself, you need to have a complete assessment of where you have been, where you are today as well as your plan to get you where you want to go during the year.

I just got the “green light” from my family that I will do this in the next 11 months.  What are the chances that you will do this too?




7 responses

26 02 2013

David – a very timely post considering I am doing just what you suggest here in China right now. i remember reading years ago that Bill Gates sequesters himself (ok maybe not quite the right term at present) for two ‘think’ weeks each year. That Bill Gates would be a busy man all the time would come as no surprise to anyone that has followed his career. I think about that and where possible try to emulate those ‘thinking’ periods – even if it’s not for 2 weeks! I look forward to following how your future thinking week helps clear your mind and also offers you some new ideas and directions.

26 02 2013
Laura Mulligan

I can’t wait to show this to Brian! Great idea!


26 02 2013
Stephanie Shirley

I have my own routine that I run like clockwork just about every day (though I can’t say I get up before 5am like you!) and it sometimes puts me in a rut. I forget about constantly seeking life balance and better time management. I think we can all benefit from a mini retreat to refocus our lives. I do think we all currently have enough hours in our days, we just need to better prioritize what we allow them to be spend on!

26 02 2013
Barbara Agin

I love your articles. I can relate and they really do represent most of us who run around trying to juggle and manage everything except our personal needs!
Good luck with your personal strategic planning session.

26 02 2013
Sean McGinley

Enough about me, what about you? Glad to see you are getting intouch with “Dave” and finding the “straight” path.

26 02 2013
dina kantor

love this post…!!

26 02 2013
david s. gottlieb,dmd

I am on vacation this week. I have scheduled hours of ‘me’ time.
I have also been focusing on a ‘mindfulness’ program. This allows 10-20 minutes each day to be with yourself. Not to look elsewhere. Just reduce the
‘What’s next on the hit-parade’. Center yourself. I can only do this 2-3 times a week. I am trying for more; but will take what I can get.
Thanks, for addressing a personally important topic.

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