See Yourself Inspired! VISUALIZE…

19 02 2013


Have you ever visualized yourself being in an inspired state?

I have!

Do you believe that you can become innovative if you imagine yourself that way and actually “see” the moment that you find the inspirational spark to identify the next key idea of a lifetime?

I do!

Visualization is one of the greatest methods available for us to prepare for success in classic Eye-Cubed fashion.  For example, when it comes to the times that I present in front of groups, I find it awesome to see in my mind’s eye how my message will be received.  I actually see myself presenting, making my audience laugh, creating intense thought, garnering buy-in or any of the various stages desired when presenting.

It works!

visualization 1

This technique has proven to be effective in many areas of life:

  • Spiritual Growth in virtually every faith.
  • Test taking skills and academic results.
  • Acting success and prowess.
  • Speaking and Motivating others
  • Leading and Business Success
  • Mastering Sports like Golf, Olympics, Baseball and Basketball etc.
  • Any area in life that you wish to master, including Innovation.


Inspiration is never something that finds you unless you are prepared for it.  This preparation is akin to becoming a vessel ready to receive the goods.  The simple process of visualization opens up your mind to receive the spark and recognize when it is there for you to transform into personal inspiration or innovation.  Eye-Cubed Leaders use it to their advantage throughout their life.

Set yourself up:

  1. Sit in a quiet place
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take a few breaths
  4. Allow Inspiration
  5. Repeat!



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