Make Your Innovation Real: “It Is All About Them, Not About Us.”

8 01 2013


I can see a gem when it is in front of me.  That is how I felt when Howard Bass, Partner at Ernst & Young commented on Eye-Cubed University:

“It’s all about them, not about us…that is a great principle to apply in making social media, in making innovation real.” 

When the global leader in media and entertainment advisory services makes a statement, it is important to listen and internalize the message.  Okay…now what?    I need to make sure that my Eye-Cubed company takes this advice and makes the experience better for “them” – our customers.

In 2013, our key strategies focus on new delivery technologies to facilitate the sale by adding convenience, new channels for accessing a greater pool of potential customers, new retention methods to prevent customers from inadvertently losing the valuable products they purchased and new communication tools that provide our communities greater choices on how to work with and access their information.  Everything listed on our strategic plan is about “them”.  That is a good start.

It is no coincidence, however, that our direction is so focused on helping our customer.  And if I were paying for Howard Bass’ advice at E&Y (well worth every penny), I would move him beyond that issue and have him dig a bit deeper to find something else in my company on which to focus.  However, I personally had learned today’s lesson in September 2008 on a prior strategic endeavor, when I was in the middle of executing a plan to reorganize our call center.  My decisions and plan had wielded a devastating blow to our service levels and it took over a year to rebuild our customer experience to the levels we expect and demand of ourselves.  That was an unacceptable result and we vowed never to lose focus on our customer again.  If a decision had a detrimental impact on our clients, we would avoid it if possible, tread lightly if we must and definitely beware of the risks involved.

Now it is time to turn attention on your organization.  Is each innovation you are focused on designed to improve your customer’s experience?  Can your Eye-Cubed team connect the dots between your effort and its impact?


International media companies turn to Mr. Bass for advice and they consistently reap the benefit of employing his philosophy.  He clearly has the Eye-Cubed mentality and understands the ultimate goal.  The advice he provides with his one-sentence comment is invaluable.  It is a gem for you to pick up, shine, put in your pocket and keep forever.




3 responses

8 01 2013

Well said!!

9 01 2013
Eric Bot

David, I would put it to you in a more simple way, Innovation is a constant as change is constant.
You mentioned the reorganization of the call center which is a change, now to reduce or even prevent any losses for the future you need to innovate the way you prepare and execute, but also in correcting the problems you had in this one year you will have come up with new ways of dealing with this situation, which you can call innovative.

10 01 2013
Jouko Suhonen

I have made 2 “inventions” to help hospital nurses, moms and dads to medicate babies and toddlers with the correct and controlled dose, also to give them important vitamin D. I wonder if you are interested to help me to launch these simple inventions. Go to my facebook page and you will see what is it all about. – Wishing you a happy new year!

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