Presenting Your Innovation Part I: Ten Steps For Rock-Solid Preparation!

21 12 2012

Rock Solid pic

This is a key moment for you, for your career and for the future of your company.  A kick-ass presentation gives your innovation the required momentum and support to launch.  By nailing this presentation from start to finish, you will have successfully completed the Eye-Cubed process of taking the inspiration and moving the ensuing innovation to implementation. You and your team will be well on their way towards Eye-Cubed greatness.

Once you get the appropriate Time and spot on the agenda, do what is necessary to have the greatest chance of success:


  1. Prepare!  That means outlining the plan of attack (You will see the outline in Part II of this series).  The more you prepare, the more professional your result will become.
  2. Less is more!  If you use Powerpoint, put one or two words on each screen.  If you use a flip chart, do not fill it with you words.  Use it for the words of your team as they come out during the meeting.
  3. People like pictures!  If you are using technology, use pictures to create powerful messages.  Creating imagery is the best way to reinforce your point.  The team will look at that picture over and over again while it is up on the screen.
  4. This is not a speech!  Do not write all of your words down and bring them into the meeting.  If you have key points or a list, put those down in a way that will trigger your thoughts.
  5. If you have humor, use it!  Break the ice if you can.  You don’t even have to be on topic.  But if you can laugh, you relax.  If you can make the team laugh, they relax.
  6. Nothing but the facts please!  You have done a lot of research.  Bring it with you.  Have it organized so you can get to it as needed.  However, do not shuffle through your papers to prove a point.  In that case, save the “proof” until after the presentation.
  7. Practice!  You have heard it this before and it is true.  You will stumble if you wing it. Just ask my mirror.  I get a standing ovation every time I present in front of it.  And my dogs have never walked out on me, even if my jokes were weak.  You must practice in order to nail this presentation.
  8. Visualize the meeting!  You have vision for your organization.  Now it is time to translate that to the presentation.  Take the time to imagine each step of the delivery in vivid detail. Then imagine the commitment to move forward.  Imagine victory!
  9. Know the characters!  Each member of your team has a distinct personality, tendency and typical reaction.  You know it well.  Now think about how to best address each one of them so that they feel heard, validated and brought into the loop as a necessary player on your innovative team.
  10. I object!  While this is no courtroom, there will certainly be objections.  And you most likely know what they are.  Use your time to prepare the best response.

Even the most spectacular innovator of our time was frustrated when he was ushered to the sidelines of the company he loved.  There was a time when Steve Jobs had the answers yet lacked the audience:


“You know, I’ve got a plan that could rescue Apple. I can’t say any more than that it’s the perfect product and the perfect strategy for Apple. But nobody there will listen to me.” – Fortune, 1995

Regardless of your past, present or future, without the Eye-Cubed skills of superior communication, planning and execution, all of the brilliant innovations in the world would continue to go unnoticed.   Make sure yours lives, thrives and has its chance to revolutionalize your world and ours.

If you, your company, your industry conference or team is in need of the best keynote speaker, motivational management consultant, or inspirational presenter for your conference, strategic planning meeting or for professional development, click on these words and see how Eye-Cubed-U is prepared to help you. 




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30 12 2012

This article has great advice for any type of presenter. I do a lot of Powerpoint presentation preparation as a freelance copywriter & have seen many recorded presentations. I, myself, could benefit greatly from practicing the steps you mentioned. So I know this is something many others will find useful. I’ll be sharing a link to this on my Twitter account.

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