The Most Inspiring Show On Earth; 365 Times A Year

30 11 2012

The Business dinner was in Binghamton New York, 240 miles from my office.  I had a meeting to get back to 3+ hours away in our executive conference room first thing the next morning.  You do the math.  OUCH!  This type of schedule is common for today’s Eye-Cubed executive.  “You gotta do what you gotta do!”  So after setting my iPhone alarm for 4:30 am, I went to sleep (better termed a nap).  I wanted to be on the road by 5:00 am.

It was dark and crisp (34 degrees) but at least the sky was clear.  I had a full tank of gas and a mission to make it to Orange, CT by 9:00 am.  I wanted to make the best of the trip so I kept the radio off and decided to think.  While I love music, it distracts my mind at times.   I had a business meeting with myself as I drove.  Something I do countless number of times, whenever I can, whenever I create the time and space to have one.

I systematically reviewed processes, people and profitability.  I reviewed the progress and bottlenecks with our initiatives.  I reviewed my role and focus.  Then, as I was somewhere between I-81 and I-84 it hit me.  There it was; the best motivational presentation on earth; the most inspirational meeting one could attend.  And I had a front row seat.  I had to take a break from myself and take it all in.  I was presented directly with G-d’s Show.  I was privileged to see, from start to finish, a remarkable sunrise.  Every day, it is there for us to see.  Every day we are invited to attend.  Most of the time, we do not show up.  Most people never truly see one.  Most of the time, we miss the inspiration afforded those few who wake up early and witness this daily miracle.

Each moment represented a renewed emotion of Eye-Cubed inspiration firmly tied to my life, my business and my goals for the future.

  • The pale grey of the horizon representing the hope and promise for a “new day”, all of our hopes and dreams that motivate us.
  • The light pink of the first light signifying opportunity and beauty that comes to those who have the patience to strategize and the vision to see ahead.
  • The dark red as the sun peaks over the mountains demonstrating the energy needed to strive forward as well as the energy infused in each one of us as we push the Eye-Cubed envelope.
  • The blinding light with an unshakable glare foreshadowing the perseverance, focus and single-mindedness needed to reach ones goal.
  • The clear illuminated expression of the day as the roads fill with light and movement.  The typical energy of those around us creates the mosaic of life.  We must excel in Eye-Cubed fashion in spite of the forces surrounding us.

Then my internal clock struck (BREAKFAST TIME) and I found my way to the next diner.  Of course I left enough time to eat.  I never miss a meal.  Meeting adjourned, but not before the inspiration was imbedded in my heart and mind.  I was ready for the day.  Bring it on!

How long will it be before you see your next sunrise?

If you, your company, your industry conference or team is in need of the best keynote speaker, motivational management consultant, or inspirational presenter for your conference, strategic planning meeting or for professional development, click on these words and see how Eye-Cubed-U is prepared to help you. 




3 responses

30 11 2012
David Sussman

On Behalf of Kevin Knebl, who was unable to respond… I post his comment.

Hi David,

Great post!

I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but it’s not accepting my WordPress credentials for some odd reason.

Here’s my reply:
Great post, David! I see a lot of sunrises due to my near constant travel schedule. I returned home to Colorado last night from a speaking engagement in Annapolis, MD so I let my wife sleep in and took my daughter to school this morning. On the way, the sun was coming up and we were talking about sunrises and I mentioned that I see sunrises almost every day. She said “That’s because you’re a morning person.” I replied, “No, I can easily sleep til the crack of noon, but I rarely get the chance. I’m not a morning person, I’m a busy person.”

Most folks should see more sunrises. We’re surrounded by beauty on every side and if we don’t see it, it’s because we’ve become numb. A good antidote to this numbness is to hang out with little kids and old people. They see it.

Thanks again – great post!


To your massive success,
Kev ツ

3 12 2012
Liz Arronson Rueven

Lovely post with many reminders: enjoy the miracles available and easily accessible each day, take the mental space to think clearly, enjoy the ride and the nourishment along the way…. Bravo and thanks for the reminders!

3 12 2012
David Sussman

Thank you Liz.
I appreciate your thoughts and interest in the Eye-Cubed University concepts.

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