Sunshine or Rain, What’s The Forecast of Your Outlook?

23 11 2012

I was born on June 16th, 1968.  While I was trying to figure life out those first few days, there was a dude a couple of days younger than me who came into the newborn room and graced me with his presence.  I didn’t know him.  I didn’t know that we would meet up and become incredible friends 30 years later.  But we did.

What happened to him after that day?  “Life” happened to us both during the next 30 years.  While we have so much in common, we could not be further apart.  We are both business owners.  We are both married with children.  We both wish we were 10 lbs lighter. (ok, I could lose 20 lbs…he could too).  We both love exercise and our charities of interest.

However, as I exude a positive mojo, he counters with a negative pulse.  He calls me Mr. Sunshine and I call him Mr. Rain.  We look at life from opposite perspectives.

 Mr. Rain:

  • Wakes up in the morning and tries to convince himself that he will not get in a bad mood.
  • Tired of his routine.  Bored and in need of inspiration.
  • Finds people to be frustrating and is disappointed in the people he services.  He is looking for a change to find happiness.

Mr. Sunshine:

  • Wakes up in the morning and feels fortunate to see the sunrise.
  • Takes one of six different ways to his office so he doesn’t get in a rut.
  • Finds happiness, embraces life and lives in the moment.

He tells me I am living in a fantasy land of denial.  I tell him that he chooses to be miserable.  I could go on.  We actually laugh about it.  But what does it all mean?  Does attitude really matter?  By most accounts, we are both successful men.  The only difference is that he got there with a negative attitude and I got there with a positive attitude.

So what do they teach us in Eye-Cubed University about attitude?  Can we both be Eye-Cubed Leaders?  The answer is a resounding “YES”!

There are many paths to take through life.  And we choose our individual path.  The experiences we have throughout our lives shape us and motivate us in profoundly different ways.  But it matters not how we view the world.  It matters not how we view the glass.  It matters not how we describe our outlook.

The Eye-Cubed leader knows that what matters most is what is in one’s heart.  They want to be surrounded by wonderful people, both positive and negative.  They look for perseverance, values, honesty and industry.  They build trust and develop loyalty.  They seek colleagues with kindness and passion.  These qualities exist regardless of ones outlook, especially when it is rain or sunshine.

In Eye-Cubed organizations, it is imperative to embrace the different perspectives from the people on your team.  This means you have to accept and work with those differences.  Your understanding of the diverse views and outlooks within your friendships, life partners, corporate teams and Boards becomes a key ingredient for Eye-Cubed inspiration.

I love Mr. Rain!  We are planning a seven-day bike trip this summer where we will hopefully travel 500 miles together on the road if we don’t kill each other first.  But if we do just that, what would be the forecast at our joint funeral?  I believe it will be sunny.  But if it rains, that’s just fine.  There is beauty in that as well.

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2 responses

23 11 2012
Frank Zabski

Rain man here. I like partly cloudy better. Somewhere between the rain clouds of life and business and the sunshine of fishing on a beautiful Spring day on Lake Champlain! A good read and all true. Keep up the good work and some day I’ll be your wing man. Remember the Save and Spend show we always talked about? I’m in.

I’ll leave you with one of my more profound sayings (and I did not make this up)…between a laugh and a tear…

24 11 2012
Janice Sussman

Great Graphics—add so much to the Great Message! Janice Sussman

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