Who Should Pursue Your Greatest Innovation?

13 11 2012

I have some difficult news to share.  Not all executives are created equal. 

Yes, your executives are a team and together push your organization towards greatness.  But when it comes to executing projects and initiatives, only one person in your company can be classified as “the best” at implementing innovations with the highest probability of maximizing success.  When should you call upon his/her talents?

Consider the size of the opportunity and compare it to baseball. Is the opportunity a single, double, triple, home run or grand slam for your business?  A couple of times during the life of your company you may come across a “grand slam”.  If you are a business owner, CEO or President, an initiative with the potential of grand slam returns may present itself merely once in your career.

When you are faced with a grand slam, be prepared to take dramatic steps to address the opportunity.  Consider rearranging your organization to align your team to best  pursue the initiative.  This takes a tremendous amount of intestinal fortitude since you may need to refocus someone who is currently overseeing a critical element of your operations.

  • The first challenge is to have the vision to see the opportunity and measure it appropriately.
  • The second challenge is to have the guts to seize the opportunity and pursue it as if it were the last hope for your organization.
  • The third challenge is to determine how to best pursue the opportunity.
  • However, the fourth and most important challenge is identifying who will lead your company to the promised  land.  Beware, the executive with the vision to evaluate the opportunity is not necessarily the one to implement it.

How do you select this person?

  • The most important qualification of your best implementer is an intense burning desire for personal and corporate success.
  • Elite implementers of innovations require the following qualities:
    • Belief in the vision
    • Ability to develop and implement a plan
    • Perseverance
    • Self-Confidence
    • Resilience
    • Persistence
    • Follow-through
    • Creativity
    • Willingness to use all resources
    • Desire to build operations, organizations and empires.

How does your organization support this person?

  • Sufficient resources to allow for trial and error
  • Key support team complementing the leader’s strengths.
  • Encouragement and open dialog coupled with suggestions and advice
  • Willingness at any time to go “the extra mile” when called upon to make the project work, overcome an issue or more the project forward

How do you reward this person?

  • Connecting company success to individual financial success
  • Recognition by peers, company leaders and industry groups
  • Opportunity to do it again if desired

Eye-Cubed companies have leaders with the intestinal fortitude to recognize true opportunity.  They have the willingness to make tough decisions, to stick with the plan and fully support innovation all the way through implementation.  They recognize that while ideas are typically plentiful, success, while elusive, can be achieved.  Yet the most important quality of an Eye-Cubed leader is that, when presented with a grand slam, they put the best person in charge of the greatest opportunity and ride the wave to the promised land.

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