The 60 Days Following Inspiration. 8 Steps for Implementation.

6 11 2012

Motivating and inspiring are the backbone of a bazillion dollar industry targeting every businessman, athlete, family member and friend–yes, targeting each of us with a goal.   But creating reality out of the inspiration requires a commitment to take the first small step of the journey and continue along a steady path of implementation.   It will be surprising if you finish this post and say, “Wow, that is the first time I ever heard that!”  It is not rocket science or exclusive information.  Yet, the process of inspiring, motivating and successfully moving forward requires an honest look at where you are and where you want to go.

On Thursday Sept 6th, 2012, it seemed as if I was about to endure another presentation on social media with my Vistage group .  I had been to several in the past and understood the potential impact it could have on my business.  In fact, on my recommendation, my company is in the throws of implementing a comprehensive social media initiative.  I was not thrilled to sit through another talk on the same topic.  However, this presentation was different.   It spoke to me.  BANG!   It was inspiration hitting me right in the head!

Kevin Knebl said two things that stuck with me.

1.     You cannot fake it, you can only be yourself in social media, everyone else is already taken.

2.     You can move great distances by taking small steps every day over a long period of time.

First of all, I know myself.  I am a thought leader and value generator for businesses all over the world!  Unfortunately, until now, I have been leading thought and generating value alone in the middle of the desert.  I have been shouting by myself in the woods and sharing secrets by presenting while submerged in a pool under water.  Kevin Knebl gave me the tools, the forum, for me to emerge and become recognized as the person I am.  I now realized that social media gave me an ocean of opportunity to grow.

My goal became clear:  I will be recognized as a global thought leader and value generator for business and I will do it by engaging fully in social media.

Time to connect the inspiration with implementation.

To bring the Eye-Cubed philosophy into your life, connecting implementation with inspiration is a must.  It brings action to your talk and reality to your dreams.  The next time you are inspired, follow the eight steps to implement.

1.     Believe you can do it.  DONE.

2.     Formulate and write down your goal.  DONE (My ultimate goal is written in this post).

3.     Set a clear path for the first 60 days of your journey.  I will do everything Kevin Knebl said to do during his two-hour presentation at my Vistage meeting. Done.

4.     Understand the “why” behind the endeavor.  GOT IT (This is definitely a topic for another post)

5.     Place a priority on your daily objectives that outweighs all distractions.  Many distractions presented themselves during the first 60 days.  I found ways to stay on track without excuse.  I was faced with fatigue, business trips, hurricane Sandy and 6 days without power. “Life” was in front of me and it did not stop me from my 60 day goal.

6.     After 45 days, develop a plan and a goal for the next 60 days.  Having read Kevin Knebl’s book, The Social Media Sales Revolution, I plan on putting the remainder of his recommendations in place to enhance my position towards reaching my goal.

7.     Take one day at a time and 60 small steps to move towards your goal.  Done.

8.     Do not stop!  I won’t.

Attach an Eye-Cubed philosophy to your goals, commit to the process and watch it work—one small step at a time.

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6 11 2012
Janice Sussman

I’m off to write my 60-day plan! Great post!

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