Can Your Company Balance on a Two-Legged Stool?

23 10 2012

Inspiration Innovation AND Implementation are the “legs” that balance


The story is typical and has been repeated thousands of times by companies large and small.   Neither small family businesses nor large public companies are immune.  Innovators who have gained an understanding of both the importance of his/her role and its challenges have first-hand experience with it. The symptoms are observed when a leader possesses the inspiration (the first leg of the stool) for an innovation (the second leg of the stool) and has the power to direct.  The executive then demands urgency beyond the norm and undermines the implementation (the third leg of the stool).  Imagine sitting on a two-legged stool and lifting both of your feet up off of the ground.  How long do you have before you fall on the floor?  That is exactly what will happen to your company if the process of implementation is neglected following inspiration and innovation.

Innovators say the following:

  • Let’s do what we have to do to get this done.
  • We need to have this launched yesterday.
  • Let’s overcome the complexities and push forward.
  • I understand the challenges to our processes. Just do it!
  • We have an issue to resolve and now we have a potential solution.  How long do we have to wait to see if this works?
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect.  We can fix it as we go forward.

Implementers say the following:

  • You don’t understand the process needed to do this
  • You are breaking the processes we have in place to maintain order.
  • You haven’t communicated enough to me or my team along the way.
  • This is the first I have heard of your plans.
  • You have not thought of all of the resulting issues we need to overcome to get this done.
  • You don’t have a plan for this.
  • You are risking a lot by rushing.  Slow down so we can do this right.

What is left behind from this is a disappointing mess:

  • Ineffective execution
  • Frustrated colleagues
  • Resentful employees
  • Frustrated innovators
  • Mixed signals to the company
  • Lost potential of the opportunity


Make sure your stool has THREE legs BEFORE You Sit On It!  Focus on the process of implementation to overcome the problem of the two-legged stool.

  • Collaborate and communicate early in the process
  • Agree on the urgency and priority of the issue/project.
  • Identify a project lead to direct the implementation
  • Communicate with the Implementer before expectations are set in stone
  • Discuss the problem with many levels within your organization to uncover all potential solutions or ways to implement.
  • Allow for planning and documentation to take place.
  • Agree upon a workable time frame to implement.
  • Bring in ALL department heads affected by the implementation process.
  • Communication is critical to get buy-in on a corporate-wide level and necessary for success of the plan.

Eye-Cubed companies thrive on having the vision for inspiration, innovation and implementation.  Without any one of the three qualifications, greatness is elusive.  Master them all and achieve Eye-Cubed status.

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2 responses

23 10 2012
Trevor Caplan

After five years in a “start up” with disruptive technology in healthcare I can only agree with your blog about being able to implement effectively. It is the single biggest driver between success and failure in our business and has resulted in the demise of many of our competitors…that along with us kicking their asses in the marketplace.

25 10 2012
David Sussman

Thrilled to hear that your organization has mastered the art of implementation. It is a skill that requires discipline and patience. Only the Eye-Cubed companies will survive. They will grow and destroy the competition. Keep the vision!

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