Not Everything Should Stay in Vegas!

19 10 2012

It is true.  There is no place like Las Vegas.  Having just returned today, the greatest surprise is that the Eye-Cubed lessons flow with each role of the dice, turn of the card and spin of the wheel.

Lesson 1 – Differences Between Eye-Cubed and Gambling Behaviors

*While the odds are stacked against gamblers, Eye-Cubed executives win!

Yes, it is true, the odds of winning in Las Vegas over any period of time are slim indeed.  Let us not forget why sin city is filled with glitz and structures that will be viewed in the future as wonders of the world.  The wealth created by the casinos in Las Vegas came from the pockets of those who returned home having gambled and lost.

In contrast, Eye-Cubed behavior is a sure win.  It is a bet that will definitely pay off in both the short term as well as the long term.  When a company has the vision to be inspired, innovate and implement, they will build success in whatever direction they seek.

*While it is typical to lose interest and quit gambling after one realizes the futility of the endeavor, one should never be discouraged by failure while pursuing the Eye-Cubed dream, success is right around the corner.

Did you know that WD40 was named for the 40th experiment to create a water displacement product?  What would have happened if, after 39 attempts,  the manager said, “lets stop trying, we have not been successful yet and probably never will be successful.”?

Lesson 2 – Similarities Between Eye-Cubed and and Gambling Behaviors

Eye-Cubed executives, in similar fashion to gamblers, engage in a definitive strategy to increase their odds of success.

*Determine a specific amount of money to put at risk.

Companies must invest in the innovation process each year, especially when profits are strong.  Yet, it is critical to limit investment to a specific and appropriate amount.

*Reckless behavior is a sure way to lose.

In Black Jack, would you ever split a pair of tens?  While there are many things you would never do at a casino, there are also many decisions you would never make while you build your expertise as an Eye-Cubed executive.  Be disciplined and stick to your plan.  There is no benefit in cutting corners on your way to perfecting your skills and the skills of your company.

*Follow the advice of Kenny Rogers.

When gambling; “Youve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.”  Eye-Cubed companies drive the benefits to the bottom line in the form of profits.  And when projects prove doomed to fail, they are abandoned with no further investment or regret.

Lesson 3 – How Eye-Cubed Pays out

When organizations have vision (“Eye”)  that demonstrate inspiration, innovation and implementation, their success is multiplied by a factor of three (“Cubed”).  It is a ROI unlike any other.  No table game pays out at that level.

Take the tag lines associated with Las Vegas and apply them to Eye-Cubed behaviors.  But unlike the way you may feel after gambling, you will enjoy this “game” all the way to the bank.


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2 responses

19 10 2012
betsy karp

Great post David ! I love the story about the WD40…I am a believer that if you truly believe in your vision and what you are doing, persistence is the key to it all. Never give up! I really enjoyed this … Betsy 🙂

25 10 2012
David Sussman

Thank you Betsy. I value your comments and feel fortunate to have inspired you!

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