Diversity of Personality (key ingredient for an Eye Cubed Company)

15 10 2012

There is a simple reason why we gravitate towards people just like us, hire people just like us and build organizations with a culture so that we are surrounded with people just like us.   It’s easier.   Even though we know we should be surrounding ourselves with a team made up of diverse individuals to broaden the scope of ideas and insure we are not all thinking the same way, it doesn’t always happen.  Even though we know in theory the value of diverse thought, we don’t always strive to bring the mix into our corporations.  How would you rate the personality of your company?

This question can be answered by having your management team take one of the many different assessments available in the industry.  I believe I have taken the DISC personality profile assessment at least six times over the past twenty years.  Each assessment classifies participants somewhere on the personality spectrum.  Tests come in many different forms and I have taken this test with many different groups.  Most recently, I completed a version of the DISC as part of a Vistage Group presentation (Vistage is a CEO peer advisory group helping business leaders make better decisions in order to achieve better results).  As a group, we had an amazingly broad range of personality types.  Refer to the actual graph of my group below.

Each of the seventeen leaders in the Vistage group runs a successful organization.  The personality assessment revealed a wide range of personality types.  It struck me as an amazing reality.  Imagine if the leadership team in your organization had the diversity of personality represented in my Vistage group.  What would it be like to work with so many incredibly talented individuals with diverse management styles?

In contrast to that diversity, I recall several times in the past when I took part in similar tests with the management team of my company. When the results demonstrated that we had 80% “Driver” personalities with a smattering of the other personalities throughout the leadership of the organization, we never saw that as a weakness that needed to be addressed.  With all of those Drivers, we figured we were sure we would get to our destination.  Right?  Not necessarily!  While enhancing my company’s diversity of personality was never a strategic initiative, over the past 10 years, several key executives were added to the team who broadened our ways of thinking.  The spectrum of personality types has widened significantly and we have benefited as a result.   To be truly great, our organizations need to nurture a leadership team with diverse backgrounds and management styles. Regardless of the definitions listed on the test, (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Compliance, Creator, Advancer, Executor or Refiner), there is incredible value to having significant representation of ALL personality types in any decision-making team.

An Eye Cubed company must build an organization with the following characteristics:

1.Diverse personality-types among leadership team
2.Recognition of the value of personality diversity
3.A culture of respect, trust and tolerance for diversity

It is time to understand the personality of your operation.  Is your leadership team truly diverse?  Is your culture one where the value of diversity is recognized as positive?  Does your organization respect everyone and the value each individual brings to your business community?  Dig into the different options you have to understand who you are by putting your team through one of the DISC tests.  While an individual can never fail, your company should grade itself.  That is the first step in identifying if you need to make some changes.  That is a critical step in becoming an Eye Cubed (Vision for Inspiration. Innovation.  Implementation) Company.

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5 responses

15 10 2012
Max Sussman

wow this is very interesting. i hope to read more in the future

16 10 2012
Mark Sessel (@MarkSessel)

My first view of your blog! I like your picture ; )

16 10 2012
David Sussman

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. I am hoping to leave everyone inspired in some way.

19 10 2012
Carol Piccaro

Love it! Carol

22 08 2013
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