The Lamb Chops Were Divine! An Eye Cubed Restaurant Review

10 10 2012

It is always a good sign for a restaurant to have a line waiting for tables on a Saturday night.   We typicaly hope was that the food would inspire us.   While Pontos Taverna in Norwalk CT exceeded my expectations in that regard, what brought me profound inspiration was what I felt at every turn.  It sang louder and sweeter than any song.  And to me, it was more beautiful than any work of art.  It was something that money cannot buy; a thriving family business in full swing.

It didn’t hit me when the hostess brought us over to the bar for a drink.

It wasn’t when we were taken to our table after a shorter wait than predicted.

I started to feel something when we pulled the bread back onto our table after one young woman said “Are you sure?  It’s delicious, we make it here every day.”

It tugged on me a bit more when our waitress helped us pronounce the dishes with proper Greek annunciations.

And I realized precicely why I felt at home when Billy, came by and said, “My sister will be here in a minute to take your order.”

He then explained that both parents worked in the restaurant along with seven children (and a neighbor).  He explained each of their specific roles from the youngest dishwasher, to the brilliant salad maker to the master chef.

Their efforts were a symphony of unity.  They acted beyond team expectations and their results created an experience far outside of the norm.

I realized this family business stood above others when our waitress (one daughter) came over and asked how the food was as she cleared the table.  She lifted a dish once filled with sauted Gigante Beans and said “I am going to show this plate to my father.  He will love to see how much you loved the food.”   Customer satisfaction was measured by an empty plate with the homemade bread used to soak up every taste-filled drop.  The 16 year old dishwasher-son would not have to work too hard with us.

Is it possible to create this kind of love and Inspiration in your family business?

Is it possible to find this kind of teamwork in your organization?

Is it possible to create a measurement that shows customer satisfaction akin to the “empty plate”?

This family implemented their plan brilliantly.  While each member had a clear and specific role, no one seemed more important than the other.  Simply because they had a greater goal in mind.  They each were an  integral part of presenting their family to the community.  Their family brand was clearly demonstrated in every action and interaction.  We were all exposed to an Eye Cubed operation involving Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation.  The list of corporoate lessons to be drawn from this experience was long, I have only one suggestion:

Identify the Eye Cubed quality you need to enhance, gather your team and go to dinner! Or, if you own and run a family business,  take the family there and speak to the owners of the restaurant.  Go to Pontos Taverna and observe.  But most importantly, enjoy your meal.  By the way, the lamb chops were divine!

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2 responses

10 10 2012

Nice parable David. If only we all could imbue the family business culture in our own organizations – everyone pulling for everyone else with the mission always in mind – please the customer and make it so they will feel compelled to come back. Well done.

7 11 2012
Sean McGinley

Thanks for the insight into the world of social media through Dave Sussman’s Eye Cubed. Sean

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