All Companies Must Be Evolving…Is Yours?

27 09 2012

I heard a powerful and inspirational speech today by Mark Sessel, the President of PFP.  He urged that great companies, regardless of their size, makeup and industry must evolve in order to sustain growth and relevance over a long period of time.  They can adapt, live true to their brand promise and excel like IBM or they can remain stagnant, hold onto the past and lose everything like Eastman Kodak.

What is your plan?  Does your leadership have the vision to see what to do?  Does your organization have the strength to evolve?

If your company has the following corporate qualities, it has a good chance of passing the test of time with flying colors:

  • Ownership/Board CULTURE that embraces well thought out and appropriate innovation and evolution.
  • Leadership with an eye towards identifying ways to widen, lengthen and deepen EXISTING streams of income.
  • Leadership with a focus on identifying NEW streams of income.
  • Leadership capable of MOVING the organization towards the desired destination through inspiration, communication and execution.
  • An organizational culture embracing CHANGE with leadership appreciative of the steps necessary to effectively manage change.

The qualities above are true to the name of this blog, I-CUBED (Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation).  Your organization needs all three qualities to be capable of the evolution described above.

Take a few minutes and list the names of all members of your team who embody the above qualities.  If you are not happy with the number of individuals on the list, it is time to spread the culture of innovation and evolution throughout your organization.

  • Have open DIALOG to identify the true issues and opportunities facing your organization.
  • Have meaningful DEBATE challenging ideas with an open mind to embrace evolution.
  • Empower your leadership to pose SOLUTIONS and plans to address your issues.
  • Identify key leaders to CHAMPION your organizations opportunities from concept through implementation.
  • Have your team members hold one another ACCOUNTABLE for performance.
  • RECOGNIZE the individuals on your list in a meaningful way.

The above list is clearly easier said than done.  Each bullet point is deep enough to be a chapter in a book and must be approached with care and thought.   I am sure this blog will explore them over time.

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7 responses

1 10 2012
Nader Ashway

I really like this post, David. However, I believe that companies of ALL shapes and sizes can (and should) evolve, and can manage that evolution intelligently. Even if you don’t have an ownership/board structure. Even if it’s just you and a food truck. Even if you’re not sure where you’re going. It’s important to KNOW that you’re evolving, and then take the important steps to move from one iteration to the next with intent.

Nader Ashway

3 10 2012
David Sussman

Well said. I agree with you. Evolution at all levels, is the key to longevity and success. Thank you Nader.

1 10 2012
Max Sussman

Great job Dad! Keep it up!

3 10 2012
David Sussman

When ones son leaves a comment on your blog, you are officially “in” with social media! Thanks Max! Now go do your homework and practice basketball!

20 11 2012
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21 02 2013
Dain Dunston (@DainDunston)

David, Great post. We’re in such a state of social and technological flux that any person or organization that doesn’t evolve to engage with the changing world will be doomed to irrelevance. Change is life.

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